About the Book:

Your eyes may fill with tears as the eyes of a child look at you with a quizzical look.  How do you explain the word "death" to young children (8-12 yrs.)?  Aunt Molly's Transition -- Seeing Death In a New Light guides children, parents, and consolers during this sensitive time.  Terminal illness, forgiveness, and eternal life are some of the topics explored in this poignant and comforting book.  A  meaningful story with questions, activities, and pages to color, help to encourage an open dialogue with children.

Aunt Molly's Transition

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ISBN#: 09773244-0-0

March 2006  91 Pages

Fourth Edition

About the Author:

Jilda DiGiovacchino-Fitchett received her B.S. from Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania and her M.S. from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

The author has significant experience volunteering and counseling youth concerning the death of a loved one.  Working and being with children with tender hearts and sharing ideas with them is her world, expertise and profession. Professionally she has predominantly worked and traveled in the Field of Education both continentally and internationally.  Currently,  Jilda is an Elementary/Middle School Counselor who loves working with students of all ages.

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