Message from Author

Dear Reader Large and Small,

This book was written to help you understand how the death experience changes your life. I experienced the transition of two close relatives at the age of 5 and 9 years old, and I understand the feelings that can be experienced by you.

When I wrote this book I respected religions, cultures, races and creeds. Where I didn't go in detail, you as the adult can. The characters are black and white and can be colored in any desired color by the reader. This book is in Four parts. The First part can be read before a loved one passes away; this is the story part of the book. The Second part of the book has questions about the story and will explore how the reader and characters felt at the time of the passing of their loved one. In the Third part there are many questions directed to the reader that also allows for drawing, coloring, and writing. This becomes a great Memory book that can be gone back to at any time. The Fourth part of the book has personal notes that the reader wants to keep.

This is a coloring/interactive book, move at your own pace. I would highly suggest that this book be read with an adult present to give assistance, to help with your feelings, or to consult a professional. Feel free to contact me by email,

Feel free to use the colors and draw the pictures you feel appropriate to express yourself. Coloring and drawing will help you with your puzzling questions and the Bright Star characters will help you realize that your thoughts and feelings are shared by many people.

                                                                                                    Mrs. Jilda DiGiovacchino-Fitchett, MS, NBCC.


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