Jilda Fitchett is able to address issues about Death and Dying for children in a sensitive and compassionate manner.  She gives a reality oriented vision while using the utmost elements of caring and concern for age appropriateness.  This book allows the adult reader to talk frankly with children about their feelings and fears concerning death.  The interactive aspect of this book adds to the versatility of uses for both individuals and groups.  Ms. Fitchett's elegant illustrations both comfort and remind us all that our next journey is but only a natural transition.

Dr. Jacqui Brady, Consultant, Middle School Teacher        

Aunt Molly's Transition - - Seeing Death In A New Light is a book written by my friend and colleague, Jilda Fitchett.  I have worked with Jilda for 14 years.  We are both educators.  Over the years, Jilda and I have experienced the loss of students who have grown dear to our hearts.  Knowing how dedicated Jilda is to her students, I am not surprised that she wrote and dedicated this book to them.

I enjoyed reading Aunt Molly's Transition because it was comforting, spiritual, and thought provoking.  I know this book was created for children, but it made me reflect upon my own views and feelings concerning death.  When I read this book I kept thinking about my own religious beliefs.  It is comforting to me to think that when the physical body no longer exists in this world there will be a spiritual place where the soul will live on forever.  
This book has been designed to help comfort the heart of a child who has experienced the loss of a loved one.  This book not only has a story to be told, but it is an interactive/coloring book.  I recommend this book to anyone that needs to console a child and help them deal with the transition process of death.

–  Mrs. Debbie Harris, Middle School Teacher        

Jilda DiGiovacchino-Fitchett's book titled "Aunt Molly's Transition - - Seeing Death In A New Light", examines death, eternal life, terminal illness, and forgiveness.  It is written in such a way to appeal to children and to young adults.  Each page is filled with charming pictures that help to describe the concepts that are presented.  The book ends with interactive, self-reflective pages for the reader to complete in order to express his or her experiences with death

–  Mrs. Karen McGlinn, RN. MS., Middle School Nurse        

This informative professional book is an important hands on tool of opportunity for young children to understand death in a step by step manner.  It is time and age friendly, using a  nonthreatening, nonimposing guide.  Youngsters can tune in and find security, empowerment, and healthy strategies to cope with experiences in the present, past, and future.  This may be an answer to Parents Prayers!

– Mrs. Eileen Lippl, M.ED.,Retired Teacher 38 years        

Aunt Molly's Transition is a book to guide children through a time during which they may feel lost and unable to understand or express their feelings.  The characters and drawings capture the child's interest while giving new insight to their loss.  If it is possible to brighten the dark times of experiencing the death of a loved one, this book is the tool to do that.

Mrs. Susan Perry,  BA., Middle School Teacher        

"Aunt Molly's Transition- - Seeing Death In A New Light", is a very good resource for anyone who works with young children experiencing the death of a loved one.  The simple analogies used to explain death as a transition and spiritual state are presented so that even young children can understand the difficult concept of death, passing or transition.  The additional worksheets help facilitate a child exploring and therefore acknowledging their own feelings.

Mrs. Pat Silverman RN, BSN, CSN        

One of the things I liked best about this book is that it sets a tone of love, concern, and support in discussing a complex and often painful subject.  This is a wonderful tool for helping parents and loved ones approach the difficult and uncomfortable topic of death in a comforting and straight forward way.  I particularly like the workbook pages in the back of the book because they allow the child to acknowlege their feelings, fears, and concerns with the loving support of their family members.  I think the book would also be very useful in a theraputic setting.

Mrs. Nancy Thomas, Principal of Mary Ethel Costello School 

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